Super Bowl Munchies!

Super Bowl Munchies!

Although I’m very into college football, I RARELY watch professional football, except for 1 game per year – the Super Bowl. It’s not really the game I get excited about, it’s the time spent with friends that I enjoy … and the food!

I put the above Soft Pretzel recipe in the newsletter today to get us thinking about our Super Bowl Menus next week. What do you normally serve? Munchie foods? Wonderful dinner spread? Out to eat?

Please share your favorite Super Bowl Menu ideas, recipes, and memories with everyone on our website as a comment below – your idea just might be featured in next week’s newsletter!

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  1. We try to stretch the day from lunch thru the afternoon thru the game! After teaching food safety for several years, hot/cold is high on my list. Several little crockpots, bringing out foods in stages for safety and just to have variety thru the day, and balance of healthier and less-healthy foods help us survive the day! I always try to substitute low fat and baked versions of cheeses, crackers, chips, etc. Buffulo wing dip has been requested so I’ll use a low-fat cream cheese and have lots of veggies for dippers. I try to have at least one “real” food–BBQ for sandwiches, chili, or soup–so that folks feel like they have had a meal and not just “junk”. This year I think I’ll add boiled shrimp for a new and different snack!