10 Ways to Get Motivated for the New Year

10 Ways to Get Motivated for the New Year

Embarrass Yourself-Mark your calendar every time you exercise. Seeing your motivation, (or lack thereof) in black & white helps keep you going. Tape goals to your bathroom mirror or refrigerator to remember what you promised yourself.

Find an exercise partner-Joining a team or finding an exercise partner gives you a support system & someone to simply share the experience with. Knowing others will ask ‘How’s it going?’ can be the difference between exercise success & failure.

Love Thy Neighbor & Thyself-You can’t leave a neighbor standing on the corner checking her watch. She knows where you live. When you make an appointment for a daily walk or a weekend weight training session, you’re not likely to miss.

Challenge Yourself-Working towards an event-like a 5K walk or run-keeps you on track. Every time you exercise you’ll be closer to meeting your goal. Mail in your entry form early so you have a purpose to work towards.

Don’t Count the Miles-“Don’t workout to burn calories or lose weight,” says Emme, a plus-size model. Exercise does more for you than just burn calories. It boosts self esteem & reduces stress. If your main focus is burning off your morning doughnut, exercise will always seem like a chore. Try to exercise for your health.

Find the Fun-Forget about the “no pain, no gain” attitude. “Don’t forget to have fun,” says Emme. Pick an activity you’ve always loved, like biking or walking outdoors. The more enjoyable it is, the more likely you’ll stick with it.

Make It a Family Affair-“When I go for a run I entice one of my kids to go with me on their bike & I run. It’s a great way to be together with my kids,” says Miriam Nelson. Who better to egg you on than the ones who love you best.

Learn to Love Lycra-“Buying snazzy new workout clothes or comfy new cross-trainers can really get you fired up to work out, ” say Schlosberg & Neporent.

Dive for Dollars-Money is a great motivator. Put a dollar in a jar every time you make it to the gym. At the end of a month, treat yourself to a massage. You’ll be at the gym more often than the trainers.

It’s About Time-“My mood motivates me to work out, so timing is everything,” says Kathy Kaehler, personal trainer. If you aren’t up for a workout, postpone it, but remember that exercise has been known to improve a bad mood. Work out your aggressions in the gym instead of at home or work.

Tips from: FoodFit.com