Candied Pumpkin

Candied Pumpkin

(DOCE de ABO’BORA)The next recipe is not quite as healthy, but it is a delicious treat! This recipe came from Ruth Hammond and is from Brazil. It is sooo delicious served on biscuits or with rolls. It’s great for breakfast or as a snack, or anytime. The flavors are perfect for fall.

Peel the pumpkin (with a knife to get the outer skin off)
Cut into pieces.
Weigh the pumpkin pieces.
Measure same amount of sugar (i.e. 3 pounds pumpkin = 3 pounds sugar)
Put pumpkin and 1/2 c. water in pan, boil 5-10 min to release pumpkin juices
Pour sugar in and cinnamon and cloves (I use 1 tsp ground cloves and 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon for 3 pounds)
Simmer about 2 hrs.
Yield for 3# is 2 1/2 pints

Note: If making a large batch for gifts, use 10# of cut up pumpkin and 7# sugar

Joeann says: “I have sent this to my husband’s co-workers to snack on and given as gifts in decorative jars. Sometimes we use leaf cookie cutters to make the biscuits with~~~ fun and festive.”

Thanks so much to Mrs. Joeann Foster from Sturgis, Mississippi for sending me these great recipes!