Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

You Will Need:
1 pkg dipping chocolate or chocolate chips
1 container strawberries
Waxed paper
Cookie sheet
Glass bowl
Rubber spatula

Wash strawberries (leave stems on) & dry VERY well. Don’t let any water stay on the strawberry, or the chocolate won’t stick. Cover a cookie sheet with waxed paper.

Microwave chocolate in a glass bowl on high for 30 seconds. Remove from microwave & stir for a second or two with a rubber spatula. Repeat the above step one or two more times. By the third time, you should see some of the chocolate beginning to melt (sort of like lumpy chocolate soup). Remove at this point & stir until the lumps are gone.

Dip the dry strawberries into the chocolate, swirling them around to coat well & then place on the waxed paper. When you’ve coated all the strawberries, set aside for about 2 hours to let the chocolate harden.


Recipe adapted from: my own personal experience & DLTK Kids

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