Cooking for One

Cooking for One

Most of my recipes and tips are centered on helping people cook for a large crowd or family, but many people struggle constantly to find something to cook when living alone. I am one of five children so at my house there’s always someone to eat anything you cook but while I’ve been interning I’ve experienced how hard it can be to cook dinner for just me. Here are some suggestions for being a successful cook when cooking for one:

– Plan your meals in advance and make a list of everything you need before going shopping
– Purchase small quantities of fresh produce and buy bags of frozen vegetables. When you’re ready to eat the frozen vegetables, get out just as many as you want and leave the rest frozen for next time.

– Cook your favorite recipe, then divide it into individual servings and freeze the smaller servings for meals later.

– Make your meal times special by setting the table with a place mat or tablecloth and flowers, and then add music.

– Invite other single friends over for dinner and enjoy a meal together.