Cooking Tips & Tricks, Part 3

Cooking Tips & Tricks, Part 3

~”To remove strong smells from items you have cleaned, let the item sit in vinegar for a couple of hours, and usually the smells will be gone!”
~”When kneading bread by hand, use “oil” your hands and work surface instead of “flouring” them.  It keeps the bread from getting too dry.”
– Tips from: Amanda Criss, Slate Spring, Mississippi

~”Use a spray bottle (or rag) with oil (any kind) to prevent meat from sticking to a grill rack.”
~”Soak wood chips/pieces in water before putting on a fire to get a good moist smoke, while smoking meats.”
~”WD-40 will clean anything.”
– Tips from: Rebecca Easley, Vicksburg, Mississippi

~”I always put a foil-lined pizza pan under pies when they’re baking–it really helps with occasional spill-overs!”
– Tip from: Rebekah Lipscombe, Gulfport, Mississippi

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  1. Hi Ellen!

    Do you have any healthy recipes to freeze? I’m going to have a baby soon and I want to freeze a bunch of meals so I won’t have to cook after she gets here.

    Hope you’re doing well!


  2. Hey, that’s a great idea. I’m going to compile a list with links and will place it as a new post on my website and use this question for my newsletter this week! I think alot of people are needing quick one-dish meals for the fall season, so be watching for that.

    Congrats on the baby! 🙂