Couponer Contest!

Couponer Contest!

Couponers, start your engines! It’s time for a major money challenge!

A few weeks ago, I gave you the basic and in-depth principles of couponing. We talked about websites to use and places to go. Now, here is our latest Cooking with Ellen contest!

The Great Couponer Award!

Prize: Cooking with Ellen Cookbook OR RADA Prize (I will get some options together, winner gets to choose which one they want! – approximate value: $15.00)
What: See who can save the most at the supermarket. Go shopping, save some money, scan your receipt, and email it to me. Prize will go to the one who saves the greatest PERCENTAGE on their grocery bill (check out the “you saved ___ %”)
Who: Any Cooking with Ellen newsletter subscriber
When: Submit your receipts by April 15th (save $$ when taxes are due!). Receipts must be dated within 60 days of deadline (from February 14th to April 15th).

Looking forward to getting your receipts and finding a winner! Let me know if you have any questions!

NOTE: Be sure to hide any personal info on your receipt before scanning!