Crockpot BBQ

Crockpot BBQ

So sorry I didn’t have this absolutely delicious recipe to you before Memorial Day – but there are plenty of summer holidays to come! Ryan and I cooked this delicious recipe for dinner last night and absolutely enjoyed it. It’s quick and simple, requiring few ingredients and minimal prep. We had ours without BBQ sauce (it was just so good and tender itself!) over a salad for supper!

2 pound pork loin (I used a tenderloin I had at a great price – this recipe can easily double or triple for the size of meat you have)
1 can soda (I used a can of Coke we had – you could use diet coke, root beer, etc)
BBQ Sauce, optional

Place pork loin in a crock pot (Mine is a 6 quart but you can use about any size that will fit your meat.). Pour soda over meat.

Cook on low heat for about 7 hours (I left mine almost 10 hours since I was gone and it was fine) or until meat shreds easily.

Remove from crock pot, shred into BBQ. If desired, mix with or serve with BBQ sauce.

This BBQ could easily be enjoyed on a bun or just by itself. It literally fell apart and was absolutely delicious.