Fun Ideas for the Summer Sun

Fun Ideas for the Summer Sun

Whether or not you have a fancy pool to hang out at shouldn’t determine whether or not you soak in some sun (which provides vitamin D, by the way, to keep your bones and body healthy and strong)! Here are some fun ideas and thoughts I wanted to share with you about having fun outdoors:

– Use Sunblock – OK, if you happened to see my arms this past week you know that I violated this rule last Saturday. Using sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Remember that sunscreen will wash off and sweat away, so make sure you apply it every couple of hours while you’re having fun.

– Wash the Car – Offer to wash the family car, change into your swimsuit, and have fun washing away.

– Plant a Garden – What better way to try new foods than if you’ve grown them yourself?!? It’s not too late to get some seeds in the ground and grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers this year.

– Make a Shower – Use your garden sprinkler to create a homemade rain shower right in your backyard.

– Get out Now – Make sure you go ahead and start spending time outdoors in the heat before summer really cranks up so your body can get used to the heat. Here in Mississippi it gets really hot, so make sure you acclimate yourself.

– Drink H2O – Make sure you keep a water bottle handy all summer long so you don’t get dehydrated.

What are your summer fun ideas? Send them to me at [email protected] and I just might publish them for others to enjoy!

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