Getting in Steps – Part 1 of 3

Getting in Steps – Part 1 of 3

I love wearing my pedometer. It helps me keep track of how many steps I’m taking throughout the day. It’s also an incentive to get out and walk since I know I’ll have to look at that number at night to see how well I’ve done during the day. I found some really helpful tips from Bayer on how to get in more steps and added a few of my own (next 2 weeks: On the Town & At Work):


At home:

– Walk your dog (or your neighbor’s)

– Do a fun family challenge to see who can log the most steps in a week

– Reward your family for meeting step goals with fun activities

– Walk to your neighbor or friend’s house instead of calling or driving

– Take several trips to unload groceries from your car

– If you make a call, walk while you talk

– Don’t use your TV remote control

– Walk around your house during television commercials

– Get up and move around once every 30 minutes

– Try to take half of your goal steps by noon

– Plan walks into your day, for example, with a friend at the beginning of the day, and with your family at the end of the day

– Take a 6-minute walk after dinner and make it a family tradition

– Turn on some music and do indoor aerobics