Graduation – Financial Peace Style

Graduation – Financial Peace Style


So I would HIGHLY recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University to anyone and everyone interested in gaining greater control of your finances. Whether you’re a seasoned couple wishing to invest a little more or someone who’s struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck this is great material. Even if you feel “past” some of the stuff, the concepts Dave teaches are so useful and helpful for real life and for helping others. You DEFINITELY get your $100 worth!


A few thoughts on our completion…

– As a couple, Ryan and I would like to keep a mindset of saving to GIVE, rather than saving to HAVE. We want to literally change our future family tree for the better – we want to give our children security in finances, give them an inheritance, and share generously along the way while teaching our children how to handle money. Never do we want our desire to save to become a stronghold. I remember hearing some moms say one time, “You know, we prepare our kids to live on a budget with a family who doesn’t make much. What if our daughter marries a rich man? Have we prepared our children to handle money?” This is a great point – sometimes it’s harder to be faithful when you have much!

– Grasping the difference between hording and saving is a tough balance to grasp. While part of me wishes to just save every penny, the other part of me knows we should give generously. But, on the other hand sometimes the easy way out is just to “get rid” of our money as an easier task than figuring out the process of saving. Remember to give first … but also remember how vitally important it is to provide for your family (1 Timothy 5:8). Pray for wisdom!

– Career choices and development were two topics Dave talked about in one of his last lessons – oh how helpful! On a similar note, I would highly recommend the Interest Inventory evaluation (it’s offered by the Career Center here at Miss State) to any of you guys unsure of your career field/choice/desires for the future. May is graduation month and I would strongly encourage any of you high school graduates to take this survey – it was a HUGE help for Ryan when trying to finalize his choice of majors!