Gullah Gumbo

Gullah Gumbo

Many of you from the Golden Triangle, Mississippi area may be familiar with a friend of mine from WCBI-TV, R. H. Brown. Mr. Brown and I crossed paths often while I did the Cooking with Ellen TV segment on WCBI and have since seen each other at events and at a recent book signing. Mr. Brown has written the “Call Me Gullah” book seen (click on the photo for more information) and was kind enough to share his Gullah Gumbo recipe with me. I thought I’d pass it along for you to try as well.

Note: The ingredients below can be added and flavored “to taste.” I would add a few strips of bacon, 1 package of shrimp, and 1/2 to one of each: onion, bell pepper, canned tomato sauce, etc.

Oaks Plantation Gullah Gumbo

Bacon strips
Medium shrimp
Black Pepper
Okra, cut
Bell pepper
Tomato sauce
White Rice

Fry bacon strips in pan. Mix together flour and milk to make a light breading and dip shrimp in flour/milk mixture. Season shrimp with salt and pepper and use bacon grease to pan-fry the shrimp.

When shrimp is cooked, pan-fry okra, onion, and bell pepper.

Mix together crumbled bacon, shrimp, and vegetables in a boiler. Add tomato sauce and water (to desired consistency) and simmer over low heat.

Serve gumbo over cooked rice.

To make this recipe a little lighter, try cutting out the bacon, or use turkey bacon. Pan fry ingredients in a little olive oil instead of bacon grease to cut back on the fat some.

For more information about R. H. Brown’s book, check out this website