Hair Party

Hair Party

If you know me well, you know I have very thick hair! I like it long, but ponytails give me a headache – and yesterday was 98 degrees!


A friend of mine,Joeann Foster, has started a new business – Fostering Generations and has these really cool Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clips (as well as tons of other stuff!). Joeann gave me one of the Flexi Clips to try – admittedly, I was nervous that it would act just like the clips I have already – slideout, or hold my hair so tight I get a receding hair line (true story, but that’s for another day!). But,


I LOVE the Flexi Clip! A size medium holds ALL my thick hair up in an up-do! I was shocked the day I tried it! But, the same clip also holds just part of my hair very securely in a twist or just a straight “ponytail.” I’ve worn my Flexi Clip almost every day for the past week – makes it super fast getting ready for work and stays put all day long.


Another cool feature I’ve noticed about the clip is that it doesn’t leave “creases” in my hair. Most any time I put my hair in a ponytail or most up-do’s I take it down and have to put it right back up until I shower again because it looks like it’s been in a pony tail – the Flexi Clip doesn’t leave those lines for me.


So, I’ve decided I love these cool tools so much I’m going to host an e-party!!! Check out my party link, enter your info, and browse the Lilla Rose catalog! They have the Flexi Clips right there along with tons of other options like hair sticks, name badge holders, and jewelry (and even some jewelry on sale, I noticed!).Check it out! Shop my party! and we’ll have fun e-shopping together. My party closes June 1, 2011 so get shopping!