Healthy Eating Out on a Budget

Healthy Eating Out on a Budget

One of the most common questions I get asked as a dietitian is “What should I order at the fast-food restaurant.” While there aren’t many healthy options at fast food establishments, eating healthy isn’t that hard and doesn’t have to be too expensive.

My recommendations for healthy fast foods are: Grilled Chicken & Salad. Watch out, however for these common pitfalls:

– With restaurants trying to cater to the health conscious crowd, sometimes they are not careful about the number of calories they load in a salad they try to make look healthy. Cheese, bacon, ham, chips, dressing, and other toppings all add calories, often creating a salad with much more caloric density than a hamburger.

– If there is a grilled chicken sandwich on the menu, choose this option with light or no mayonnaise. Sometimes I’ll even get the sandwich, take the chicken out and enjoy the chicken on top of a salad, if there is no grilled chicken salad available (this lets you have hot chicken on your salad, too!).

– Watch the sauces and dressings, asking for reduced-fat or fat-free dressing whenever possible.

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