Herb Garden, Week 3

Herb Garden, Week 3

Herb Garden, Week 3My plants are growing up very fast! They are only a couple of weeks old now and are already showing a lot of growth. I’ve enjoyed watching them each day as they have grown a little taller. I’ve tried to monitor their water status to keep them hydrated without over watering them.

Mrs. Teresa Wallace from West Point, Mississippi, gave me some helpful tips about some “homemade fertilizers” that really help her gardening and I wanted to share them with everyone. I think I’ll try the coffee grounds suggestion tomorrow on the herbs and will let you know how it works!

Coffee – “I don’t know if coffee grounds and leftover cold coffee are good for herbs or not, but they work wonders on my roses, and other plants. When we have some I usually take the carafe with cold coffee in it and fill it up with water, pour the coffee grounds from the filter in it, and pour it on the base of a plant somewhere. They look great! I guess you would have to do it just every now and then for indoors or you might have a nice coffee smell that lingers more than you want.”

Epsom Salt – “Great fertilizer on plants, but not sure about smaller herb plants and how they would do with it. Maybe you could just adjust the amount, I don’t know.

MiracleGro is great too!

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  1. hey ellen!!!

    i really looked into website to see what you’ve been up to and yes, how your plants are doing.

    they’re growing up fast. i miss em already. hahahaha!!!

    hello to your mom and the rest of the family for me.

    i have already talked shiena into submitting the recipe. as for the recipe i promised you, it may take a while because when i came back, we had to prepare for childhood cancer month this april.

    God bless you mightily.