My Windowsill Herb Garden, Week 6

My Windowsill Herb Garden, Week 6

Herb Garden, Week 7 My herb garden is doing well. Since my recipe this week uses basil, I looked up some information on basil to share with you.

Basil comes in many different varieties, including cinnamon, lemon, and licorice. It comes in varieties with short and long leaves and in short and tall plants.

Basil can begin to be harvested when a few pairs of leaves are seen (I guess that means I can use some of my basil now!). It is recommended that you harvest your basil often (as with other herbs) to increase growth. Harvest basil by picking off the leaves at the top.Basil

Basil is one of the most commonly used herbs when cooking tomato based dishes, chicken, and Italian foods. The volatile compounds in basil are destroyed by high heat, therefore it is necessary to wait until the end of cooking to put basil in your recipe.

To store basil, you can either dry it by wrapping the stems and hanging it upside down in a dark dry place or you can freeze it either on a cookie sheet (then transfer it to a plastic container) or after mixing it with oil and freezing in ice cube trays (then transfer to a freezer container) and using as pesto.

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