How Good Does Your Food LOOK?

How Good Does Your Food LOOK?

If you want your kids to eat veggies, they’ve got to at least LOOK good. If you’ve got company coming, how can you make them be WOWed by your dinner? This month’s Today’s Diet and Nutrition magazine had a great article on “The Art of Plating” about how to make your food look as great as it tastes! Here are some suggestions I found helpful:

– “Proper plating helps portion control” – When you’re trying to eat healthfully, you can more easily eat smaller portions if the food looks really pretty.

– “You don’t need to be an artist to create an artful plate” – Have fun with making your food look good. Play with the food by putting it on your plate in different orders, layers, or color styles. Vary height, color, and texture.

– “Resist the temptation to load the plate” – White space is good: it draws your eye toward what is on the plate (and it decreases your portions).

– Don’t be afraid of white plates – Many famous chefs use white dishes to plate their food because it draws attention away from the plate and onto their food (this tip goes for disposable plates as well – why not make your quick-fix dinner look like a masterpiece?).

You can use these same tips for making pretty dishes of food. Simply adding color with herb sprigs, parsley, paprika, lemons, etc can brighten up your dish.

Tips from: Today’s Diet & Nutrition Magazine, May/June 2008 issue