How Hungry Am I?

How Hungry Am I?

Learning to read your body’s internal cues is the first step to managing your weight and deciding when to eat and when you’re full. According to the American Dietetic Association, many people can’t recognize when they are full. If you find yourself eating a lot of food at the first sign of hunger, ask yourself these questions:

– Am I hungry? (If you’re not sure, wait 20 minutes and ask again)

– When was the last time I ate? (If it’s less than 3 hours, it may not be real hunger)

– Could a small snack tide me over until the next meal? (Try and have ready-to-eat fruit or vegetables on hand)

If you have trouble recognizing the signs of hunger, “make a schedule – eat small meals every 3-4 hours until you learn what hunger feels like. If you overeat at a meal, get back on track at the next one.”