It’s Cold Season

It’s Cold Season

This is the season for colds and the flu! Working in the nursing home, I am constantly reminded to wash and sanitize my hands so that I won’t spread the germs around. While Chicken Soup has been shown to help you get better from a cold (see the full info about and recipe for Chicken Soup’s healing properties on my website), studies are showing something else that can help prevent the cold…


According to an article recently published by the Washington Post, getting more than seven hours of sleep at night has been shown to significantly reduce your potential for getting a cold. Studies were done where people were paid up to $800 to be exposed to the cold virus (not sure if that’d be enough for me to deal with a cold…). They were then monitored for how much they slept before and after they got the cold and how severe their cold was.

Basically, those who slept less than seven hours per night were as much as three times more likely to have cold symptoms than those who slept eight or more hours per night.

Another interesting fact I found: “If it takes a long time to fall asleep or if you are restless during the night, “you would probably benefit from spending a little LESS time in bed,” Buysse said. “If you fall asleep instantly, have no wakefulness during the night, and are sleepy during the day, you would probably benefit from spending a little MORE time in bed.” ”

You can check out the full article to find out exactly how they measured the severity of a cold (pretty interesting, actually), or you can just use the time you would have read it to get in a few more minutes of sleep tonight!