Kitchen Odors

Kitchen Odors

I have a tiny kitchen. When something smells, THE WHOLE HOUSE smells! and there is just nothing worse than expecting company and smelling stinky garbage, leftovers, or “who knows what that is” smells! The biggest problem I’ve found with most cleaners is that my apartment then smells like the cleaner, just as much as it smelled like the odor. I’ve been doing some research on smells and here’s what I’m finding can help keep my kitchen smelling nice:

– Baking Soda – my all-time favorite cleaner/de-smeller. Not only can baking soda help unclog a slow drain but it can also neutralize smells in your drain (I’ve found that oftentimes slow drains smell bad, too!). It’s also great to sprinkle in the bottom of your trash can or inside the bag when there’s something smelly in there. As is commonly known, a box of baking soda in the refrigerator keeps your fridge nice, too.

– Oranges, Lemons – Citrus fruit peels are great for sending through the garbage disposal to freshen up the sink area. Hot water works great for disposals, too.

– Vanilla – Soak a cottonball in vanilla and place in a bowl in the bottom of your refrigerator. Allow to dry and remove in a few days. This also works well with used coffee grounds if you don’t mind your refrigerator smelling a little like coffee!

– Range Hood – Before turning on your stove, turn on the range hood. This can not only protect your home from smells but can also help prevent respiratory problems sometimes caused by stoves and the food particles left on them, especially for children.

– Simmer Pot – Throw cinnamon sticks, water, juice, whole cloves, or anything else that smells good when it’s cooked to make a yummy smelling simmer pot on the stove. Keep stove temperature on low and allow to simmer.