Making Your Salad a Little Lighter

Making Your Salad a Little Lighter

“Salads are a great and tasty way to meet your daily servings of vegetables. But even a salad can get loaded down with extras that are less healthful. Make sure your salad is delicious and good for you:

* Flavor salad with lower-fat commercial dressings or make your own with less oil and more vinegar.

* On taco salads, use lots of salsa with tomatoes, chilies, onions, herbs and lime juice. Use a reduced fat or fat-free sour cream.

* Instead of creamy coleslaw made with regular mayonnaise, moisten cabbage and other shredded vegetables with low-fat or fat-free yogurt or mayonnaise with seasonings. Or use a vinaigrette dressing.

* Adjust the proportions in homemade vinaigrette. Make it with three parts vinegar to one part oil instead of the other way around.”

Produced by the American Dietetic Association’s Public Relations Team –