Money, Money, Money…

Money, Money, Money…

Thanks to everyone who has replied thus far with your money tips and suggestions – this looks to be a promising newsletter section.

Here are some of the tips I’ve received thus far:

– Book Ideas from Rosemary: America’s Cheapest Family & Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half by Steve and Annette Economides (can be purchased through Vision Forum)

– Ideas from Kristi:
Check out favorite stores online – sign up for emails, texts, & coupons (JC Penney, Belk, restaurants, CVS, etc). This gives you faster updates of sales, %-off coupons, birthday/anniversary coupons, free shipping coupons (especially for those of us who are compulsive store shoppers!), and notifications of special sales.
Don’t ever get behind on store credit cards!
Use your phone to make a list of items needed around the house – take the list with you salvage shopping (Dirt Cheap, Treasure Hunt, Garage Sales, etc) when you get an impulse to spend and only purchase 1-2 items at a time while making sure that both are at least 25% below the sale price.
Listen to the Dave Ramsey daily radio show – inspiration, encouraging to listen to him.
Congrats to Kristi for being on her way to debt freedom and for learning to cut back on impulse spending!

– From Margaret: When eating out, drink water instead of tea or soft drinks -this saves her over $500 per year!

(OK, funny story… my parents instilled this thought process in me. When I was young, if we wanted a drink, we had to pay for it (it used to be $1). I remember sitting around the table at Pizza Hut, sipping my soda, and paying up – With 7 people in the family, drinks at a restaurant for all of us would feed another person (soda for 7 would buy a steak!)! The lesson worked, because I still do this – Just last night Ryan and I went out to eat and I said, “You know, if we both get water instead of $1.90 drinks, we could pay for an appetizer!” So we did!)
On another note – for a restaurant, drinks and fries are CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP foods to make. If they can get you to “make a combo” they have just made a TON of profit. The burger is the loss leader – the drink and fry are profit leaders. So, if you want to be financial prudent, skip the combo!