Money, Money, Money… Or Should I Say… Love, Love, Love… Part 2

Money, Money, Money… Or Should I Say… Love, Love, Love… Part 2

Here we are, ready for part 2 of our Valentines Day budget series! My husband has been so gracious to write a guest post about husbands and dates! I’m so excited – this is something he wrote for the guys (though we girls can turn the tables right around, you know – replace the words “chick flick” with “action movie” and you’re set)! So, here goes!

4. Help for hubbies! 🙂

10 Ways to Impress Your Bride this Valentine’s Day
By: Ryan Wallace

Here are some simple tips to impress the woman you love. Although you really should be treating her like a queen every day, here are some ideas to get you going:

1.    Bring her breakfast in bed: Cook up a cool meal (see my wife’s website for recipes), and serve it to her with a cup of coffee (or her favorite morning drink) as soon as she wakes up.

2.    Treat her like a queen: Open the car door for her. Pick up after yourself. Do something that she normally takes care of. Show her that you really care by treating her with care.

3.    Get her flowers! Okay, it might be cliché, but it matters! Nothing says “I Love You” like a dozen red roses. You don’t have to blow the budget – get to your local grocery and check out the fresh flowers section. Create a nice arrangement using either a new vase or one of your wife’s vases, and present it to her during the day, surprise her at work on a lunch break, or couple with breakfast in bed.

4.    Take her out on a date. Choose a place she likes to go for a change. If you’re on a budget, let her choose either an appetizer or entrée (or both), and split it with her. Order water to save some bucks, or decide to splurge and order her favorite drink.
If you’re in for a date with a twist, how about a candlelight dinner at home? Send the kids away; create the setting on your dining room table. Cook her favorite meal, get her seat for her, refill her glass, and add any other little touch you can think of to maximize your date together.

5.    Spa. Our wives tend to carry a lot of stress throughout the day. Head to your local beautify-yourself store (e.g. Bath & Body), get a nice set of foot lotion, hand lotion, and bubble bath, and give your wife totally awesome hand and foot massages, and top it all off with a  bubble bath.
If you’re not quite as good at this sort of thing, consider making her an appointment at a local spa. Present her with a gift certificate in romantic circumstances.

6.    Prepare a special Valentine’s Day letter for her. Tell her how much you love her, and be sure to mention specifics!

7.    Find out her “love language,” and learn how to speak it! Visit The 5 Love Languages Website and have her fill out the “For Husbands” part, and ask her for the results! This will help you begin to identify some ways you can express love to her like she needs. This flows over way past Valentine’s Day.

8.    Consider setting some healthy “us” time apart for you both, a little bit each day, not just on Valentine’s Day. Make time to get to know how her day went, what she experienced that day. Read the Bible together, and ask God to help you improve on being a better husband for your wife. Remember, as a Christian married guy – you are symbolic of how Christ loved the church! Ask the Lord to teach you to be more like Him every day, and let Valentine’s Day be a springboard for this.

9.    Watch a chick flick movie with her of her choice. At the end of the day, let her pop in her favorite chick flick movie (or just one she’s wanted to see). If she prefers, go to the movies with her. Get some popcorn (or yours and her favorite snack), kick back, laugh, and learn something about your better half.

10.    Pray. Take the time at the end of the day to spend in prayer with each other. Pray for one another, ask for wisdom on how to be a better husband for your wife, and ask that God would equip you to be a great man for the Lord – one that she can look up to and respect and love.