Money, Money, Money…

Money, Money, Money…

My husband is studying accounting at Mississippi State. So, just as a dietitian must eat healthy and practice what she preaches, an accountant and his family must spend wisely and preach what he preaches, right?

Ryan and I have decided to take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes this spring. We will start at the end of this month and plan to do them with a church in Columbus – if you are interested in which class we are doing or want to join us, just email. Ryan has a desire to do financial counseling in the future and taking this class will give us a great idea of what that would entail along with the opportunity to look at our own finances. The good news is, we don’t owe anything (except that $2700 spring tuition bill staring us in the face!) so it’s all uphill from here, or so we hope!

I want to cover topics surrounding budgeting, couponing (hot topic – coming soon!), etc over the next few months. Please email me your ideas, questions, etc for the money ideas section of the newsletter.

Today, I’ll focus on reasons why you should even worry about a budget, couponing, and saving money – next week, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty!

Reasons for Financial Accountability/Budgeting:
– God calls us to be good stewards of what we have – He said that if we are faithful in the little things He will give us much. He also said to know the status of our flocks.

– More than one person has told me either: “we don’t have enough money to budget, we do the best we can” or “Our income is too variable to budget.” – Those of us struggling to make ends meet are the #1 group that need a budget! It’s super important!

– As an example, let’s take eating out – Let’s pretend I drop by Burger King for a combo lunch each work day (let’s temporarily forget the health implications of this!). If I were to spend only $5 (a cheap combo) per day in a year’s time I would spend: 5(days/week) x 52(weeks/year) x $5combo = $1,300 per year! If I spent $10 per day (that would add in a vending machine trip in the afternoon) I would spend $2,600 per year. Now, any of us would love $2,600 to drop in our laps – budgeting could be your key!

– Couponing at the grocery store can lead to magnificent savings – I’ll be working on the couponing aspect and get that to you real soon!

– To summarize, being prudent, thoughtful, and thinking about your finances can make a huge difference when planning for your future and for today. Get ready to join me for a money challenge!