My Weekend Camping Trip

My Weekend Camping Trip


This past weekend I went camping with my family and many of our good friends at a small campground in Dixon, Mississippi. My family enjoys tent camping so we packed all our camping supplies and headed to Dixon for the annual Mississippi Home Educators Association Camping Retreat. We enjoyed great times with our friends and even concocted a new recipe while camping…

Camp-Stove French Fries

After marinating chicken breasts in fat-free Italian dressing, we put the chicken on our small hibachi-style grill to cook. While dad cooked the chicken, mom came up with the idea that we could use the fat-free Italian dressing to cook our fries in. We put a few tablespoons of Italian dressing in the skillet on the camp-stove and placed a bag of sliced potatoes in. After cooking long enough to get them hot we had a low-calorie, low-fat alternative to French fries (with a lot less clean-up, too!).

Other Camping Meals & Ideas

Enjoying meals while camping is fun but it takes some preparation work. Here are some meal ideas we’ve used while camping:
– Grilled Chicken (Marinated in fat-free Italian dressing and cooked on the hibachi-style grill we took) with Camp-Stove French Fries, a salad, and French bread
– Hamburgers (Cooked on the hibachi-style grill we took)
Taco Soup
– Sandwiches (Sometimes we’ll make ours on hoagie buns or make wraps with tortillas)
– Taco Salad
– Cook meat and vegetables in a pocket of aluminum foil (example: chicken breast with carrots, beans, etc) over fire or campstove – make sure you take a thermometer so that you know your food got hot enough (160 degrees for beef, 170 degrees for chicken)

NOTE: Do NOT use the same dressing you marinated the chicken in to cook the fries. Use part of the bottle for one and the other part of the bottle for the other. Using the same marinade could make you very sick!