My Windowsill Herb Garden, Week 2

My Windowsill Herb Garden, Week 2

Windowsill Herb Garden, Week 2I was so happy to see my plants begin to come to life this week! The first herb to sprout was the Dill. I saw a small growth and within a day it had grown more than an inch!

The second plant to “come to life” was basil. Basil showed a little growth but seems to be a little slower than the dill. The other two plants, oregano and parsley, haven’t shown any signs of life yet, but hopefully that will happen soon!

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Creating Your Own Herb Garden…

The first step to creating your own herb gardening is to decide what herbs you’d like to plant. The Mississippi State University Extension Service has a great resource highlighting different herbs and how to use them. Check out the article at this link to help you decide what you’d like to plant in your herb garden. Or, use the link as a way to figure out how to use the dried herbs you already have in your cabinet.