Nutrition Terms – BMI

Nutrition Terms – BMI

The term BMI, or Body Mass Index, is passed around a lot in the nutrition world, but what does this term really mean? BMI is a number that represents your weight in relationship to your height. This number can let you know if you weigh more than the recommended weight, but it can also, like any measure of body weight, have some errors. For example, if you have a lot of muscle weight (muscle weighs more than fat), your weight may be greater than normal but “muscle” is healthy. For most of us, we can use the BMI range to judge how healthy our weight is.

To calculate your BMI = weight (in pounds) / height (in inches) / height (in inches) X 703

BMI Reference:

– Underweight = 19 or less

– Normal weight = 20-25

– Overweight = 26-30

– Obese = greater than 30

Use your BMI to help you set a goal weight range. If your BMI is higher or lower than normal, think about talking with a dietitian to help you lose weight.