Our Camping Menu

Our Camping Menu

Ryan and I had a great time camping this past weekend! We decided to go to Grenada Lake – I checked into several campgrounds in the area and it was one of the only ones open! So, thanks to those of you who sent ideas – I’m sure we’ll be hitting those up as summer comes!cooking with ellen

We ate real well on our camping trip – for me, part of the fun of camping is eating well! I made the breakfast Honey Bun cake ahead of time and fixed most things on the spot. It was wonderful – here’s our menu:

Friday night: Picked up pizza on our way out of town after school/work

Saturday breakfast: Sausage, scrambled eggs, honey bun cake, fruit

Saturday lunch: Cheese, summer sausage (I know, real healthy, huh!?), crackers, fruit, trail mix

Saturday supper: Hamburgers with skillet fries and grilled vegetable skewers

Sunday breakfast: Same as Saturday – I had pancakes, but we opted for Honey Bun Cake!

Sunday lunch: About the same as Saturday!

We came home Sunday afternoon (I had taken the stuff to eat supper but we didn’t stay that late) and enjoyed Grilled Shish Kabobs leftover for dinner Monday night.

Of course, for desserts we had peanut butter cookies, brownies, and S’mores!