Oven Temperature

Oven Temperature

Since sending the Artisan Bread recipe, I have had a few friends say they have made the bread and it has turned out delicious but had a hard crust and doughy center. I wanted to share a few tips on oven temperature…

Oftentimes, ovens cook too hot or too cold.

Your oven may be cooking too hot if:
– Bread and baked goods (cakes, etc) get done on the outside but are not done on the inside
– Breads seem gummy on the inside instead of crumby when the outside looks done
– Foods cook much faster than recommended baking times
– An oven thermometer reads your temperature as higher than you set it to bake

Your oven may be cooking too cold if:
– Food does not get done in the normal allotted timespan
– Food does not brown on the top

If you suspect your oven is out of temperature range, consider purchasing an oven thermometer and get a professional to look at it. I remember an element going out on our oven one time – the oven would burn a cake’s edges and we were left with goo inside. The guy said the oven was not kicking itself off – he took his thermometer out saying we were going to blow it up it was getting so hot! Glad we called!