Q&A – Meal Planning

Q&A – Meal Planning

Question: “Am trying to prepare for my baby coming by planning meals in advance. Was hoping you had some advice on some freezer-friendly recipes. Maybe some that I could throw in a crock pot?” – Candace

Answer: “Thanks for asking! Here are some thoughts and ideas:

– Most casseroles will freeze really easily. If it’s just you and your husband with the new baby, consider purchasing some disposable loaf pans or pie plates to freeze casseroles in. That’s a great size to feed Ryan & me for about 1 to 2 meals. Just make your favorite casserole and divide it between a few freezer safe containers.
– Another thing to think about is the time of year your baby is due and what you’d like to eat then. While right now chili sounds like a real winner, come August you might would prefer something less “winterish.”
– For crockpot meals, consider buying and cooking a whole rotisserie style chicken and cooking it, or maybe a larger piece of meat such as a ham, etc. Freeze the meat in smaller quantities to be paired with sides.
– Stock up on frozen vegetables so you’ll never run out of veggies.
– Here are some more recipe ideas that should all freeze really well:

Taco Soup
White Chili
Ryan & Ellen’s Famous Chili

Beef ‘N Bean Burritos

Oven Beef Stew

Chicken Pot Pie
Stuffed Chicken Florentine
Chicken Pot Pie
Parmesan Chicken & Veggie Pasta (I haven’t frozen this one, but I have frozen a similar dish & it worked great)

Other Main Dishes:
Mac & Cheese
Pizza (double or triple the crust recipe and freeze – pull out and fix as needed)

Other Ideas:
Ever-Ready Bran Muffins – keep in the refrigerator for 6 weeks to dip out and bake when needed
– Most all of the Breads on my site freeze very well to be used later


Quick & Easy Meals:

BBQ Chicken Strips

Honey Mustard Chicken Strips