Sensible Snacking

Sensible Snacking

Tips from Today’s Dietitian, June 2008

This month’s Today’s Dietitian magazine has an article featuring “Sensible Snacking for 9-to-5ers” with tips for getting healthy snacks into your day. Here are the highlights and things I found interesting:

Plan Ahead
– Use the refrigerator or toaster oven at your office and bring in your own snacks instead of counting on the donuts, muffins, or cookies brought in by your coworkers (or the vending machine).
– Keep menus of healthy restaurants in the area available to order lunch when you need to.
– Snack before you get really hungry and opt for something unhealthy or just too much of a healthy snack.
– Bake and freeze healthy snacks on the weekend, then get them out during the week to enjoy (ex: granola bars, muffins, breads, etc).
– Pack fruits (i.e. berries, etc) in individual bags that are ready to take with you each day.

Brake for Breakfast
– Either enjoy breakfast before you leave for work, during your commute (granola bars and “breakfast muffins or cookies” work great), or keep healthy foods to enjoy for breakfast as soon as you get to the office. Skipping breakfast can be detrimental to your diet, your weight, and your health.

Packing Tips
– Pack snacks for the next day while you’re fixing dinner.
– My mom packs my dad’s lunch for the next day utilizing leftovers from dinner!

Watch the Drinks
– While pure coffee has few to no calories, watch out what you or the person behind the counter may add to your coffee. A frozen latte drink may cost you as many calories as a Big-Mac – drink wisely!

See below for more healthy ideas!