Six Tips for a Better Burger

Six Tips for a Better Burger

July 4th is just a little over a week away. Make your Independence Day burgers a little better with these great burger tips from Click the Eating Well link to find 6 burger recipes to go with these 6 great burger tips!

1. Add flavor and moisture to lean burgers by incorporating other ingredients. Smoked cheese, wild rice and barbecue sauce add both to this bison burger.

2. Don’t overwork the meat. Hand-chopping the tuna for this burger yields moist, tender results.

3. Mix seasonings into the meat. Don’t just sprinkle your formed burgers with salt and pepper. Bruce adds cilantro, garlic, chili powder, cumin and oregano along with salt and pepper to the “Fajita” Burgers before shaping.

4. Adding a leaner, neutral-tasting meat like turkey to a fattier cut like lamb reduces saturated fat and cholesterol.

5. Stud white-meat burgers with color-the Mozzarella-Stuffed Turkey Burger is gorgeous with bright green scallions and oregano and smothered with fresh marinara sauce.

6. Get creative and use flavor combinations in your favorite ethnic foods to season burgers. Green olives, Pimentón de la Vera, saffron and Manchego cheese give the Spanish Pork Burger flair.

Happy 4th!