Staying Awake (without excess caffeine!)

Staying Awake (without excess caffeine!)

I truly enjoy the tips that my dad sends from his Business Digest newsletter. I truly needed these tips to get through the long two days of crafts fair yesterday and today!

“Most of us can use a bit more energy:

– Nodding off at 3pm? Try a glass of water first; fatigue can be a sign of dehydration. Otherwise, try celery with peanut butter or try dark chocolate.

– Perk up your a.m. coffee with a big splash of milk; the shot of protein gives you more stamina and a bone boost.

– Thirty minutes of sunshine can shift your circadian rhythm from pooped to peppy. So open your blinds at work, or go out at lunchtime.

– Low-intensity exercise like walking can stimulate body and mind, increasing your energy level by 20% and decreasing fatigue by 65%.”