Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas LogoWith children and grandchildren coming home, Sunday schools having Thanksgiving day services, and time out of school, I though I’d share a couple of cute thanksgiving craft ideas I found on the internet:



Thanksgiving Day Wreath You’ll Need:

– Construction paper, felt, or craft foam in autumn colors

– Poster board

– Scissors

– Glue gun

– Brown buttons

– Permanent marker


Make the leaves of the wreath by tracing children’s hands on colored sheets of paper. Cut out of the paper, felt, or craft foam several of each person’s hands in a variety of colors. Use permanent markers to write messages on the hands, listing reasons to be thankful (may not be able to write the messages if using felt).

Use the posterboard to cut a ring the size you want your wreath (could also use a foam ring for a 3-D effect). Glue the hands randomly around the wreath until it is covered. Attach buttons with a glue gun and add a ribbon to hang your wreath. Can use ribbon to add a bow as well.


Idea from the UK Cooperative Extension Service



Thankful Placemats  

You’ll Need: – Construction paper

– Scissors

– Glue

– Photos, children’s artwork, magazine cut-outs, etc

– Thankful list

– Markers or crayons

– Your imagination!


You can make your border two ways. You can cut 1 or 2 inch strips from a contrasting color or you can glue an 8 x 10 inch piece of construction paper onto a larger piece of construction paper. You can trim the larger piece to the size you desire.


Write ‘We Are or I Am Thankful For You’ on the border of the place mat with marker, crayon or glitter glue pen.

Take a coordinating color of construction paper and have the child list the reasons they are thankful for the person who will be getting the placemat. Keep your list short so you can use pictures to illustrate the list.

The next step is to use your imagination to glue pictures around the list to tell what you are thankful for. You can let the child decorate the placemat on the borders if you wish. Allow to dry.

Cut two pieces of clear contact paper big enough to cover the front and back of the place mat and carefully apply them on the top and back of the mat. Place under something heavy overnight to help them lay flat. When it is time to set the table for Thanksgiving let the child place the mats at each place setting.


Idea from: Bella Online