The Benefits of Frozen Vegetables

The Benefits of Frozen Vegetables

If you haven’t noticed from reading this newsletter, I have become a huge fan of frozen vegetables. With just Ryan and I in the house, I have nearly cried throwing away several different fresh vegetables that we just couldn’t eat up fast enough!

Buying frozen or freezing vegetables has worked great for us. As soon as I notice onions beginning to wilt, I shoot them through my food processor, place them in bags, and freeze them. Wilting mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, etc work great in the freezer as well. Then, I can pull out these great veggies when I’m ready for them.

Freezing also allows you to catch sales. If you know you can freeze a big bag of onions that’s on sale for half price, you’ll be able to enjoy half price onions much longer!

Check out the prices in the frozen aisle if you’re watching your budget. I’ve found bell pepper, broccoli, and several other vegetables to be much cheaper frozen than fresh. While fresh is still the best for your health most of the time, frozen is better for you than canned foods and won’t spoil as quickly as fresh foods.

Now, if only I could have a second freezer here at the apartment!