The Best Way to Learn is to Teach

The Best Way to Learn is to Teach

My Quest to Pass the RD Exam

They say the best way to learn is to teach, and I sure need to learn these facts for the RD exam, so I’ll just teach them to you! As I’m studying my big manuals and review texts for the boards exam, I’m compiling a list of interesting facts and tidbits I pick up along the way. So, here’s a tip from this week’s studying:

Ground Turkey Meat – ground muscle without skin
Ground Turkey – ground muscle with skin – much higher in fat

Ground Turkey Meat has about 5 grams fat per 100 grams meat, Ground Turkey has about 13 grams fat in the same amount of meat. So, make sure you pick up Ground Turkey Meat when shopping for a lower fat option!

Note: Generally, ground turkey has about the same nutritional makeup as chicken, and can be substituted for ground beef in your favorite recipe to yield a lower calorie and lower fat dish.

Information from: Review of Dietetics (my 550 page study guide for the RD exam!)