The Joy of Overeating?

The Joy of Overeating?

One of the most beloved cookbooks, the “Joy of Cooking” is following suit with American trends by gradually increasing portion sizes!

A report published in a recent Annals of Internal Medicine stated that, after examining 18 popular recipes, calories per recipe had increased 44% on average (928 calories per recipe) since the original “Joy of Cooking” was published in 1931.

Serving sizes of recipes and ingredient amounts have increased as well. From 1997 to 2006, the sour cream amount in beef stroganoff rose from 3 tablespoons to one cup and in the same time period, serving sizes of waffles nearly doubled.

I would not fault the makers of the cookbook for doing this, but I do believe this shows the trends of Americans today. Cooking healthfully shouldn’t be a thing of the past!

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