The Peer Pressure Diet

The Peer Pressure Diet

Who you choose to eat with has a big impact on what and how much you eat. Eating with health conscious family and friends helps you stay on your healthy eating plan, but eating with friends who encourage you to “splurge” alot can impact your ability to keep or develop healthy habits.

So, why not become the healthy habits “trend-setter”? When at a restaurant, ask friends to split an entree with you, each ordering your own salad. Or, enjoy sharing an appetizer, then eat a big salad for lunch. Bringing healthy desserts and appetizers to parties can foster a positive atmosphere among your friends or coworkers when you begin to compete to see who can make the healthiest great tasting dish, instead of the most rich and decadent.

Sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy when others don’t, but you can do it! The decisions YOU make when eating out are YOUR decisions and shouldn’t be negatively influenced by others.

Click here to read the full article on this topic, published on the Philadelphia Inquirer Website.

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