Tips for a Great Picnic

Tips for a Great Picnic

Here are some tips I found to help you have the perfect picnic dinner:

– To make dipping ice cream easier, set out ice cream when you start eating your meal OR microwave cardboard cartons for 25-30 seconds for easy dipping.

– To keep cold foods cold (salads, etc) fill a tiny child’s pool with ice, set the salads in it, and set it on the table, especially if you’re using a beach theme. OR, fill a small child’s pool with ice and keep it in the shade to keep extra salads cold until you’re ready to serve them.

– Keeping drinks cold is tough in the heat and sometimes dealing with opening and closing an ice chest can be frustrating and not very attractive. Instead, take a metal washtub and fill it with ice (if your party is inside or on a porch, line the tub with plastic). Fill with drinks and ice. Drinks are easy to get out and stay cool. For added fun, punch tiny holes around the top of your wash tub and use wire to string beads around the top.

From: Taste of Home and the Easley’s picnic idea basket