Tofu Know-How

Tofu Know-How

To be honest with you, tofu scares alot of people! The key is to know how to cook it right. Tofu provides some really healthy protein and is a great protein source for your meal, but if you don’t cook it right many people just don’t like it. So, I’ve compiled a list of ways on how to make tofu taste great! If you have any more suggestions, please share them with me and I’ll share them with the other readers.

– Tofu takes on the flavors you cook it with. If you don’t cook it with good, strong flavors, it’ll taste blah. Notice in the recipe above how there are strong flavored vegetables and many seasonings (garlic, garlic pepper, lemon pepper, soy sauce, stir fry sauce). The tofu will take on these flavors.

– Cut the tofu in small chunks. Tofu has a creamy, almost slimy, firm texture. Cutting it in small chunks (as in the stir fry above) helps flavor all sides of the small piece you have so you don’t end up getting a mouthful all at once. One suggestion I found was to slice the tofu in 1/2 to 1 inch slices, season, and cook it. Add this to pasta dishes, casseroles, etc.

– Use your tofu quickly. If you have a package of tofu sitting in your refrigerator that’s been there a few months waiting on you to work up the courage to try it, throw it out and get some fresh tofu. It’ll taste much better!

– Keep in mind that a serving of tofu is 4 tablespoons. A big slab isn’t necessary.

– Try out some tofu if you never have, or haven’t in awhile. If you enjoy tofu already, please share your ideas and recipes with everyone else!

Information from: my own trial and error and observation &