What to Do About … A Soggy Pie Crust

What to Do About … A Soggy Pie Crust

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If you are plagued by a soggy crust each time you make a pie, try these helpful tips:

– Sprinkle crust with powdered sugar before filling

– Bake crust at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes prior to filling (especially if using a cream-style pie that does not cook long)

– Chill all ingredients before mixing and placing in crust

– Chill pie crust dough before rolling out and filling

– Do not overbake pie – overbaking causes excess moisture to be squeezed from the filling, resulting in a soggy crust

Information from: My own trial and error and the help of various cooking websites

Did You Know: In olden times only rich people had the money to make 2 pie crusts. The poor people never had enough money to afford a top crust. This is where the term “Upper Crust” came from, since only high class people enjoyed the upper crust.

Next Week: “How To” Make the perfect pie crust!

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