Work Up Your HDL

Work Up Your HDL

We know that exercising can help keep our weight in check and decrease triglycerides and blood pressure, but now research is showing that an extra 10 minutes of exercising per day can increase your good HDL cholesterol as well.

A study published by Dole Nutrition split individuals into two different groups and had one group exercise 10 minutes longer per day than the other group. In the end, the group that enjoyed an extra 10 minutes per day had 4% higher HDL cholesterol levels than the other group. This amounts to a 3% deduction in heart attack risk!

The greatest HDL increase is seen with individuals who exercise more than 30 minutes per day. Remember that a workout doesn’t have to be drudgery. Enjoy walking with friends or an iPod, play a game of volleyball or badmitton, join a dance or aerobics class, or just play tag with the kids outside.

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“Try to find some type of activity you enjoy and stick to it! Whether it is walking, running, biking, or playing with your dog, just get moving.  Don’t forget weight training, which actually burns more calories than cardio. The afterburn after weight training can actually last up to 48 hours!” – Meg Wallace, Memphis, Tennessee