Workout Update – Day 16

Workout Update – Day 16

I wanted to send out a workout update today as well as some encouragement/information about weight loss and exercise. Since beginning the program 16 days ago, I have noticed a significant improvement in my endurance and am noticing some toning all over. I just feel better.

So, I would think I should excitedly jump on the scales every morning to see I’ve lost another few pounds – well, guess what – I haven’t! I lost a couple of pounds the first week but then those pounds somehow showed back up on the scale – how crazy and frustrating for being so faithful to my exercise and really great on my diet, too.

Now, I’m doing some research. Tons of experts out there say it takes weeks to months to really see results from exercising. It’s not an overnight thing. It’s pretty common knowledge that we “gain muscle” before we “lose fat” but do we really understand that for ourselves? Many of us quit exercising within weeks of actually seeing our weight loss goals begin to pan out because we refuse to keep up the workout program and wait. This may mean that you’re gaining muscle (i.e. gaining some muscle weight) for a time before you get rid of fat weight later on.

All that to say KEEP GOING! Ramp up that workout program to at least 4 days a week and stick with it. Try to keep your weight stable and not gain weight as much as possible and eat a healthy, sensible diet to go along with your workout. Then, be patient and wait – the weight loss will come with time!

Stay strong!